How to Speculate About the Life of a Female Artist, 2019

Gym, 2017

A Rose is A Rose is A Rose, 2017

NY/CY,  2014/2017

Book of Bad Haiku, 2013

A Thousand Thank Yous, Print on Demand, 2012

Layers of the Everyday, 2018

Written in Glue, 2016

Posh Taro, Vinyl Record and Diary, 2014

Goodbye Advertising, 2014

Orka, 2012

What is to be Sung? Answers to the Burning Question by Charley Barely, CD Album/Bookwork, 2012

Souvenirs from An Ideal State, One of A kindBookwork, 2012

[   ], print on demand, 2011

Bast Fooks, publishing project 2016-17

Untitled, Installation of 48 Blank Books, 2015

The Independent Study of the 90’s, 2013

GUIDE BoOK @ Venice Biennale, 2013

What Really Happened Here, site specific bookwork, 2011