MLNY, curated by PARTY Contemporary, PARTY Contemporary, Nicosia 2018

Privilege, curated by Chrysanthy Koumianaki Monitor Fest2018, Heraklion 2018

Adhocracy Vol.I: Books and Tools, curated by PARTY Contemporary, featuring collection of Books, Tools and artworks by Phanos Kyriacou and Natalie Yiaxi, PARTY Contemporary,
Nicosia 2018

The Garden Sees,curated by Anna Kafetsi, Megaron/Athens Concert Hall, Athens 2017

*bang! curated by Irini Miga and Tula Plumi, Daily Lazy Project Space, Athens 2017

Planétes, curated by Elena Parpa, Shelley Residence, Pafos2017, Paphos 2017

Solid Plans, 2016, Thkio Ppalies Artist Run Space, Nicosia (solo) 2016

The Equilibrists, curated by Gary Carrion- Murayari and Helga Christoffersen with Massimiliano Gioni, organized by the New Museum, New York and DESTE Foundation in collaboration with Benaki Museum,
Athens 2016

Deste Prize 2015, Cycladic Art Museum, Athens

Aye Bad Dome: Super, curated by Peter Eramian, Thkio Ppalies Artist Run Space, Nicosia 2015

Non-Standard Testimonials, curated by Peter Emamian, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow 2014

Oo, The Cyprus Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale, curated by Raimundas Malašauskas

Afresh: A New Generation of Greek Artists, curated by Tina Pandi, Daphne Vitali and Daphne Dragona, EMST- National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens 2013