Bookwork Installation,
presented at the show Hypersurfacing,
curated by Marina Christodoulidou,
Nimac, Nicosia 2020

Why Are You Calling Me?
Can’t You See I am Not Busy?
Open edition of writings presented
at the 1st Athens Art Book Fair
Self-published, 2019

One of a Kind Arist’s Book,
presented at the show
The Summer is the Opposite of History
curated by Despina Zefkili,
Marpissa 2019

How to Speculate About the
Life of a Female Artist
edition of 250, commissioned by Lefteris Economou Cultural Foundation,
Nicosia 2019

A collective edition of publishing project
Bast Fooks 1-12,
One of a Kind Bookwork
Nicosia 2017

A Rose is A Rose is A Rose,
One of a kind altered book
Nicosia 2017

Bast Fooks 
A self-publishing project which run
throughout 2016, by producing a
book every month. Edition of 60 each.
Nicosia 2016-17

Site specific installation of 48 Blank Books, bearing different titles on their spines,
presented at Deste Prize
Athens 2015

Metropolitan Cypriots,
Sound poem milled in Thassos marble
One of a Kind
Nicosia 2015

Posh Taro
Vinyl Record and Diary,
Nicosia 2014

Book of Bad Haiku,
Artist’s book, edition of 101
Nicosia 2013

A site-specific bookwork presented 
at Oo, the joint pavilion of Cyprus and Lithuania at the 55th Venice Biennale. 
Edition of 5000, Venice 2013

The Independent Study of the 90’s,
One of a Kind artist’s book
Nicosia 2013

Written in Glue,
One of a kind artist’s book
Nicosia 2016

Goodbye Advertising,
One of a kind artists book
Nicosia 2014

Edition of 32
Nicosia 2014

A Thousand Thank Yous,
Print on Demand artist’s book
Nicosia 2012

Paper Monument,
Site specific installation
Athens 2012

Conceptual poem for a wall,
presented at Point Center for Contemporary Art Nicosia 2012, and Tradition Today: exploring conditions to recreate it, curated by Stavros Kavallaris, Athens 2014.

What is to be Sung? Answers to
the Burning Question by Charley Barely,
CD Album/Bookwork
Nicosia 2012

Souvenirs from An Ideal State,
One of a kind bookwork presented at the show
At Maroudias, curated by Re Aphrodite 
Nicosia 2012

[   ]
Print on demand artist’s book
London 2011

What Really Happened Here,
One of a kind site-specific bookwork,
London 2011