Hyperflâneur  (2019)
Bookwork Installation, presented at the show Hypersurfacing, curated by Marina Christodoulidou, NiMAC, Nicosia 

Why Are You Calling Me?
Can’t You See I am Not Busy? (2019)
Open edition of writings presented at the 1st Athens Art Book Fair, Self-published

Snatching (2019)
One of a Kind Arist’s Book, presented at the show The Summer is the Opposite of History curated by Despina Zefkili, Marpissa

How to Speculate About the
Life of a Female Artist (2019)

edition of 250, commissioned by Lefteris Economou Cultural Foundation, Nicosia 

Gym (2017)
A collective edition of publishing project Bast Fooks 1-12, One of a Kind Bookwork, Nicosia 

A Rose is A Rose is A Rose (2017)
One of a kind altered book, Nicosia

Written in Glue (2016)
One of a kind artist’s book, Nicosia 

Bast Fooks (2016-2017)
A self-publishing project of monthly installments, throughout 2016. Edition of 60 each, Nicosia 

Untitled (2015)
Site specific installation of 48 Blank Books, bearing different titles on their spines, presented at Deste Prize, Athens 

Metropolitan Cypriots (2015)
Sound poem milled in Thassos marble, One of a Kind, Nicosia 

Posh Taro (2014)
Spoken word, Vinyl Record and Diary, edition of 5, Glasgow

Goodbye Advertising (2014)
One of a kind artists book, Nicosia

Notes (2014)
Edition of 32, Nicosia 

Book of Bad Haiku (2013)
Artist’s book, edition of 101 

GUIDE BoOK (2013)
Site-specific bookwork produced for
Oo, the joint pavilion of Cyprus and
Lithuania at the 55th Venice Biennale, Edition of 5000, Cultural Services, Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Cyprus

The Independent Study of the 90’s (2013 One of a Kind artist’s book, Nicosia 

A Thousand Thank Yous (2012) 
Print on Demand artist’s book, Nicosia 

Paper Monument (2012)
Site specific installation at St.George Lycabettus hotel, Athens 

Orka (2014)

Conceptual poem for a wall,
presented at Point Center for Contemporary Art Nicosia 2012, and Tradition Today: exploring conditions to recreate it, curated by Stavros Kavallaris, Athens 2014.

What is to be Sung? Answers to
the Burning Question by Charley Barely (2012) 

Spoken Word CD Album/Bookwork,
London and Nicosia

Souvenirs from An Ideal State (2012)

One of a kind bookwork and Installation, produced for show At Maroudias, curated by Re Aphrodite, Nicosia 

[   ] (2011)
Print on demand artist’sbook, London 

What Really Happened Here (2011) 
One of a kind site-specific bookwork and installation, London 


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