Albedo can mean different things.

In botany, it is another word for the pith of citrus fruits.

In the earth sciences, it is a measurement determining the reflective power of a surface, object, or body.
For instance, the earth's average albedo is 0.3, which means it absorbs 70% and reflects 30% of the solar radiation reaching its surface. White objects and mirrors are perfect reflectors and have an albedo of 1.0, whereas Black holes have 0.0 albedo; they suck in every particle of light reaching them.

In alchemy, albedo refers to the second stage of the Magnum Opus, the process of working with prima materia to create the philosopher's stone. It is preceded by Nigredo and followed by Citrinitas and Rubedo.

In Jung's depth psychology, which he based on the alchemical model, albedo is the second stage in the process of individuation. It is the stage of illumination, the first contact with one's inner life, and the process of establishing a dialogue between the conscious and unconscious psyche. It is the stage that comes right after Nigredo, the process of meeting our shadow self, followed by Citrinitas, the wisdom phase, and the Rubedo stage of the fully realized self.

Albedo, the book, is an anthology bridging everyday things and cosmic events. It contains black holes and full stops, news, dreams, and reflections on various themes, like traumatic times, ecology, astrology, art, psychology, relationships, questions, fires, explosions, favorite places, memories, and a variety of -hoods.

The book object has an albedo of 1.0. Its contents, just like earth, have an albedo of 0.3.

Natalie Yiaxi
poetry collection
- artist’s book

Language: English
Size: 130 × 195 mm
Pages: 75
Format: Softcover
Edition Size: 300
ISBN: 978-9925-7881-1-8