A Rose is A Rose is A Rose, 2017

NY/CY,  2014/2017

Book of Bad Haiku, 2013

A Thousand Thank Yous, Print on Demand, 2012

Posh Taro, Vinyl Record and Diary, 2014

What is to be Sung? Answers to the Burning Question by Charley Barely, CD Album/Bookwork, 2012

Souvenirs from An Ideal State, One of A kindBookwork, 2012

[   ], print on demand, 2011

Bast Fooks, publishing project 2016-17

Untitled, Installation of 48 Blank Books, 2015

The Independent Study of the 90’s, 2013

GUIDE BoOK @ Venice Biennale, 2013

What Really Happened Here, site specific bookwork, 2011